Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May Flowers

So far this season, our gardens have shown splendidly.  The bearded irises are fading, but the siberian irises are just coming in.  Lilacs put on the best show in years thanks to lots of dead-heading, pruning, and removing of volunteer vines.  The woodland garden was resplendent in spring.  Particularly outstanding were the trilliums which everyone noticed and exclaimed about; it is always worth wandering through the woodland garden and seeing what's coming up.  Our newly renovated historic rose garden is coming along thanks, again, to Marianne's and Debbie's hard work.  Marianne, the mastermind behind our new "old" rose selections, got the plants in and Debbie Ferrer has mulched and re-weeded the area.  I seem to need to scrub and refill the birdbath at least once a week.  The birds do come and they are thirsty and dusty - ready for a good session in H2O.  I have also been busy edging various beds, giving our beds a more tailored look.  A couple of weeks back, we planted the herbs in the new herb garden area; they are still small, but growing fast.  Marianne, with Sarah's assistance, has made new labels for these herbs.  Let's all keep an eye on this garden - keeping these baby plants watered, mulched, and weeded.  Thanks to new volunteers, including Andrea, for her hard work in areas we hadn't always considered, but should, like under the elm tree.  Also to Sheila's daughter, Sarah, for pinch hitting in every direction, including the labeling project.  Ann has quietly kept things watered whenever she walks by.  Christine will be here later in June or early July as her schedule permits.  Beverly is making a comeback, helping us in more ways than we can count.  Her son, Ben, also comes when he can and is especially helpful in moving heavy things which are hard for us to handle.  Marie is our fairie godmother, sending us new volunteers wherever she can find them.