Monday, October 25, 2010

Laying out the Herb Garden

A beautiful autumn day, and some progress made in laying out the herb garden. We measured, and re-measured, and marked the outline of the beds with landscape paint, then cut the sod out of the places we wanted for planting. One end is unfinished as we need about two more yards of topsoil to fill in the ground and heap the planting surface into the mounded shapes appropriate to the period. Any good sod was laid out on the paths, in case we decide we want them done in grass. Grass paths make sense, as they're easily maintained and cost nothing to install, besides integrating the herb garden and the surrounding lawn, but gravel or brick looks more formal. We'll see.

The late chrysanthemums are all open and strutting their stuff, adding a fresh note to the look and smell of the late season garden. Frank stopped on his walk to tell us about all the children who used to visit the garden as part of the education programs sponsored by the Historical Society and we were happy to be able to report that our incoming president is working on a revival of those programs, and the new herb garden will play an important role in them.

Someone else came by to follow up on a conversation she'd had with Marianne about the perennial yellow foxglove growing in the shady parts of the garden, by buying a plant for her own garden. One should do it, as they spread generously, without ever becoming a problem.

I suppose we should feel guilty, as we took our tired, dirty selves over to Tissa's -Whose great idea was it to put a coffee and ice cream shop across the street? - and had coffee and some wonderful chocolate mousse cake, and pumpkin cheescake, both made by the proprietress.

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