Monday, November 1, 2010

Odd Jobs

I can't say the results of today's work in the garden were exciting, but at least they were steps on the way to something worthwhile. We cleared the ground and laid landscape cloth behind the shed in readiness for the raised nursery beds, which Andrew Pfeiffer will assemble tomorrow. There will be two beds, each eight feet by three, and they'll be an immense help in wintering over new plants, and starting seedlings in the spring. Afterwards Marianne worked on laying sod on the grass paths of the new herb garden. We also mulched the new boxwood bushes, which have a satisfying tidy look now.
Sherry Eldridge brought us three monkshood a few days ago - a slightly darker, brighter version than the one already in the garden, and a nice complement to it. They were still looking good after last night's frost, and will be wonderful next autumn, with all the new mums. The tulip tree in the wildflower garden was like a shower of gold in the late afternoon sun, against a sky even bluer than the monkshood.

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